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+CityxChange (Positive City ExChange) is a smart city project, that has been granted funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme in the call for ‘Smart cities and communities.’ In all seven Lighthouse Cities (LHC) and Follower Cities (FC) which are part of the project, Positive Energy Blocks and Districts will be developed and installed, contributing to the European Clean Energy Transition goals across EU cities.  

The +CityxChange vision is to enable the co-creation of the future we want to live in. This includes the development of a framework and supporting tools to enable a common energy market supported by a connected community. It further leads to recommendations for new policy intervention, market (de)regulation and business models that deliver positive energy communities integrating e-Mobility as a Service (eMaaS). Our innovation and demonstration projects are organised as 11 Demonstration Projects.

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