The Role of Local Leadership in Defragmented Urban Development: Case of Higher Education Town – Jatinangor, West Java, Indonesia

Author(s): Teti Argo; Ery Supriyadi Rustidja

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The Higher Education Town (HET) of Jatinangor is a campus area, a park of cultural technology science, and an urban centre for economic activities. As part of Bandung Metropolitan Area, Jatinangor challenge on social-economic change, deterioration environment, infrastructure supply, and economic activities. Inevitably, HET Jatinangor faces uncontrolled urban space structures, so that it increasingly increases urban problems, including urban sprawl, scatter housing-apartment buildings and flooding. These problems affect the regional levels and urban fringe area. The basic question is how local leadership plays a strategic role in urban and economic change. of HET. Using the participative action research method, the study found that the local leadership role in implementing development plans of HET and role for anticipating urban spatial plans. The study found that local leadership must have strong networks among institutions, such as local government agencies, academics, and local communities. The implication of the study learned that the performance of the HET depends on leadership behaviour and capability of local leaders in urban planning at the HET level and metropolitan area.

Publication: ISOCARP Congress Proceedings, pp. 1937-1943
Year: 2019

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