Smart Cities and The People: Urban Planning Collectives in Indonesian Cities

Author(s): Dian Hasanuddin

Abstract / Introduction (download full article at the bottom)

Come to Indonesia. Change is in the air. Can you smell it? For less than the last decade, there are urban planning collectives that have been growing organically, on-­line and off­‐line. They are young, energetic, and critical. They utilize technology as the platform and tool. They see the phenomenon, analyze data, discuss, collaborate, and take actions. Whereas buzz words such as smart cities, automation and big data analysis have been crowding city managers and planning worlds, these collectives demonstrate that change can begin within the society without governmental support at all. Nevertheless, these collectives are based on the intellectual elites in Javanese cities, hence the question: can we replicate and deepen such initiatives to the general citizen? to other cities beyond Java Island? Can we go against Jakarta-­‐bias? Can we create an ecosystem to be smarter together and create our shared values despite the ‘smart’ and automation part of the cities? With a closer look at urban planning collectives in Indonesia, together we learn and build the path to be smart together with our cities.

Publication: ISOCARP Congress Proceedings, pp.1493-1501
Year: 2019

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