Re-Thinking the city: Basaksehir Living Lab (Case of Istanbul)

Author(s): Ozge Celik; Ozhan Ertekin

Abstract / Introduction (download full article at the bottom)

Smart Cities depend on strategies and solutions enabled by ICTs involving directly citizens, local governments and communities. Aim of the paper is to understand the challenges and potentials of new technologies and its applications in an urban setting while surveying urban innovation units and living labs. The paper uses the concept of smart cities as a mean and manner of the urban future. Moreover, it examines the change in the concept and to find out cooperation between local governments and living labs in two different extents. One is to determine the effect of new technologies on city planning and its users and others are to find out social movements that might bring them together. In addition, this paper analyses a set of five key principles that define the concept of living labs. Using these five principles, organizers and volunteers in Basaksehir Living Lab in Istanbul (Turkey) were interviewed and most relevant projects and implementations were evaluated to indicate how well planning practice advances smart planning and projects that contribute to the local development.

Publication: ISOCARP Congress Proceedings, pp.1452-1464
Year: 2019

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