plus change

Horizon Europe Project

2023 – 2027

Part of our RESEARCH Pillar

PLUS Change is an EU-funded Horizon project that aims to create strategies and decision-making processes for land use, addressing issues related to climate changebiodiversity, and human well-being.

By bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders and incorporating case studies from across Europe, the project focuses on understanding the relationships between urbanregional, and peri-urban areas. It adopts a transdisciplinary perspective to understanding how values, knowledge, governance, powers, and roles of different actors interact to influence land use decisions.

PLUS Change recognises the diverse needs and values associated with land use, considering the consequences of interventions and governance strategies, and taking a long-term, dynamic perspective to land use.

The transfer and exchange of experiences and knowledge between different Practice Cases and land use domains play a crucial role in achieving the goal of inducing positive change. By learning from different perspectives and experiences, the project aims to create a more sustainable and climate-friendly approach to land use, benefiting both the environment and communities.

Find the official project data overview here.