Planning to mitigate hurricane damage and to insure the continued growth of Cancun and its region

Author(s): ISOCARP Cancun Urban Task Force Team

Abstract / Introduction (download full article at the bottom)

The Urban Task Force (UTF) is an ISOCARP initiative to provide expert and unbiased advice on pressing planning issues. The Cancun UTF was organized in response to the damage inflicted on the region by Hurricane Wilma. The intent of the project was to provide local authorities with a set of ideas designed to enable Cancun to be better prepared for future hurricanes. An additional task was to propose alternative urban models for Cancun.

Publication: ISOCARP Review 10, pp. 260-276
Year: 2014
Editors: Shi Nan, Jim Reilly, Fran Klass
Coordinator: Lucian Perici
Graphic Designer: Ricardo Moura

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