Paris / Ile-de-France region facing climate change

Author(s): Eric Huybrechts

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One of the major goal of the Paris/Ile-de-France Region is to prevent the effects of climate change. To achieve this goal there are two main responses: mitigation with a focus on the reduction of greenhouse gas emission; and, adaptation with a focus on risk management and prevention. These responses have had direct effects on the way the Paris/Ile-de-France 2030 regional master plan was prepared and designed. We have identified that flooding, storms and heat waves are the main risks facing the region and we are exploring solutions to manage these crises. Solutions exists that require large scale actions and a high level of coordination making them difficult to implement in a metropolitan area.

Publication: ISOCARP Review 14, pp. 29-41
Year: 2018
Editors: Malgorzata Hanzl, Jim Reilly, Mahak Agrawal
Coordinator: Lucian Perici
Graphic Designer: Ricardo Moura
ISBN: 978-94-90354-53-4

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