Horizon Europe Project

2023 – 2026

Part of our RESEARCH Pillar

The DUST project explores how strategies supporting sustainability transitions in key European regions can be made more fair. It supports the delivery of place-based policies for just sustainability transitions that enhance citizen participation and trust in democratic governance.

The project’s research is applied in eight case study regions where it explores the factors that encourage or limit citizen participation. By working with a range of stakeholders in each region, DUST develops a deeper understanding of how policies have been implemented in each place and how regional identities are changing as sustainability transitions take place.

DUST organises experiments with new tools and methods for citizen engagement in four of the case study regions (where just sustainability transitions pose the greatest challenges). In these regions, it works closely with the least-engaged communities to help them to imagine positive futures for their regions and connect these to decision-makers.

Find the official project data overview here.