The Role of Local Leadership in Defragmented Urban Development: Case of Higher Education Town – Jatinangor, West Java, Indonesia

Author(s): Ananya Ramesh; Nirupama M Vidyarthi

Abstract / Introduction (download full article at the bottom)

Through the 73rd and 74th Amendment Act of 1992, India sought to empower urban and rural local bodies. On the contrary, parallel modes of governance have undermined them. In the case of megacity Bangalore, two such modes i.e Electronic City and Smart City are studied to unpack the status of decentralisation. Key person interviews serve as primary data. Following the enquiry of decentralisation and devolution, elements of disconnectedness emerge. Disconnectedness can be seen between parts-affecting the whole, embodied as intents as well as outcomes through tools of planning, administrative, legal, political and economic choices. This leads us to enquire how we can retain decision-making power within the democratic realm and strengthen the role of local bodies in megacities. Unpacking the dynamics of decentralized governance is critical across megacities globally, as cities continue to seek autonomy not just in functioning but identity and influence, in the network of global flows.

Publication: ISOCARP Congress Proceedings,pp.2111-2124
Year: 2019

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