With an outreach of 85 countries, ISOCARP Institute participates in a variety of external projects under different programmes (UN-Habitat, European Union), and collaborates with world renowed organisations such as, World Health Organization, United Nations, UN-Habitat, UNOPS, Strelka, etc.

Current Projects



EU H2020 Project

VARCITIES is an ambitious project that puts the citizens and the “human communities” at the centre of future cities’ visionThe project officially started in September 2020 and it will last until February 2025.


Seven Pilot Cities will test and implement a series of innovative nature-based actions that support creativity, inclusivity, health, and happiness.

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Horizon Europe

Urban Planning and design ready for 2030 (UP2030) is a climate-neutral and smart cities project aiming to provide “guidance” for cities to reach their climate-neutral goals. The project involves a total of 46 participants, including 12 countries from the European Union.

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EU H2020 Project

JUSTNature is a nature-based solutions (NbS) project granted funding by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Based on the principle of the right to ecological space, It brings seven City Practice Labs (CiPels) to underline their ambition to achieve just transition toward low carbon cities.

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Horizon Europe

Democratising jUst Sustainability Transitions (DUST) project will develop and operationalise novel participatory instruments for proactive and strategic citizen engagement in sustainability transitions at the regional scale. The project addresses a defining societal and democratic challenge for Europe, especially in structurally weak regions dependent on energy-intensive industries, which will be most affected by transitions towards a more sustainable future.

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Horizon Europe

PLUS Change (Planning Land Use Strategies: Meeting biodiversity,climate and social objectives in a changing world) aims to create strategies and decision-making processes for land use, addressing issues related to climate change, biodiversity, and human well-being. By bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders and incorporating case studies from across Europe, the project focuses on understanding the relationships between urban, regional, and peri-urban areas. 

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Down to Earth

Interreg Europe

DOWN TO EARTH is a sustainable project working on disaster risk reduction and rural development from regions across Europe, who firmly believe that retaining population and encouraging sustainable practices in key sectors is crucial to curb environmental deterioration, and can greatly contribute to risk prevention. 

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Horizon Europe

REGEN (REGENeration of neighborhoods towards a low-carbon, inclusive and affordable built environment) aims to pave innovative pathways for the decarbonisation of European neighbourhoods and cities, while tackling socioeconomic, climate and built environment challenges. The project, granted funding by the Horizon Europe programme, will engage citizens and influence behavioural change to develop urban regeneration interventions.

Future Projects


Horizon Europe

Spatial Planning And DEsign with Soil. More information will be available soon

Completed Projects


Our Capabilities

The Institute’s prime strengths include supporting cross-border collaboration globally; upholding professional excellence in planning; offering trainings advancing sustainable planning; increasing awareness of major development trends and promoting best practices; all while serving as a “Urban Think Tank” facilitating the generation and dissemination of knowledge for better cities.

We contribute actively to the urban research community through our work on EU Research Projects, publications, academic exchange, and strong network of academic professionals. More

We support public and private institutions through a variety of programmes, including the Urban Planning Advisory Teams (UPATs), technical assistance and review, building upon over 55 years of knowledge generation. More

Through our new branch – the ISOCARP Institute Academy – we facilitate our vast network and train young professionals and public representatives through our Young Planning Professionals Programme, seminars, and online education. More



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