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Integrating food into urban planning

Local market
in Macao. Photo credit:
Yves Cabannes

Author(s): Yves Cabannes, Cecilia Marocchino

Abstract / Introduction (download full article at the bottom)

In this introduction we would like to illustrate that food planning can contribute to the ecocity we want based on the ten key principles proposed by J.R Kenworthy in this volume. To do this we have selected articles from the DPUUCL and FAO co-edited book to be launched in 2017 describing five food planning efforts from around the world which provide the reader with an overview of this emerging profession and which highlight successful emerging food planning tools. In this introduction we will also be enriching the discussion by referencing some food planning examples found in our forthcoming book. We feel that lessons from these projects could be usefully employed in other locations.

Publication: ISOCARP Review 12, pp. 168-183
Year: 2016
Editors: Shi Nan, Jim Reilly, Fran Klass
Coordinator: Lucian Perici
Graphic Designer: Ricardo Moura
ISBN 978-94-90354-46-6

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