The 3 Pillars of ISOCARP Institute

Institute Academy

One of ISOCARP Institute’s core functions is to design and deliver capacity building and continued education programmes to individuals, organisations and institutions; conduct research and promote knowledge transfer; as well as offer advice and short-term consultancy services to government, non-government and international bodies worldwide. Through the Institute Academy, these programmes facilitate the vast knowledge and experience of ISOCARP, building upon over five decades and more than 850 individual and institutional members from about 85 countries working towards knowledge for better cities. The developed trainings are facilitated by representatives of the Board, senior members as well as staff.

One of these activities is the Young Planning Professionals Programme (YPPs Programme) which was initiated in 1991. The key activity is the facilitation of workshops which merge international and interdisciplinary co-creation and continued education for Young Planning Professionals (< 35 years). Since the establishment of the programme, 48 workshops across the globe were organised with around 1,000 participants from every continent.

The overarching goal of the Academy is the creation of an ongoing global training programme towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in urban areas. This training programme is a global capacity-building initiative targeting urban leaderships and urban professionals. It includes training for all levels of urban professionals that are directly involved in shaping the social, economic and environmental policies, strategies and implementation schedules of municipal and regional authorities. This training programme shall be considered as an overall capacity building initiative, which includes also a governing structure, composed of a quality and monitoring committee (Advisory Committee) which guarantees the successful implementation of the SDGs on a local and national level as well as deliver a substantial contribution to the global objectives towards 2030 Agenda and the New Urban Agenda (NUA). The entry points for the Training Programme are the four “domains of change” of UN-Habitat’s Strategic Plan.

Each training initiative is tailored to the client(s). It includes a training needs assessment and a negotiated agreement between the training provider and the client(s) in order to reach the desired outcomes more efficiently and effectively.

The first standalone training following the new formula took place prior to the 55th ISOCARP World Planning Congress in Jakarta/Bogor, Indonesia in September 2019, followed by several other activities and initiatives. 




Water Areas Vision for Europe (WAVE) aims to create integrated knowledge and visions for sustainable water landscapes in Europe. WAVE Living Labs Constanta (RO), Bucharest (RO) , Naples (IT), Tartu (EE), Brussels (BE), Freising (GE), and Nürtingen (GE) will bring educational institutions and communities together to collaborate. During the WAVE project the universities will partner with local NGOs, schools, stakeholders, and other beneficiary groups to initiate the resolution of water related landscape challenges specific to their local contexts.

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Pre-Congress Training Jakarta

Capacity-building programme

The Podomoro University in Jakarta with the support of CITIESLAB and the Indonesian Association of Urban and Regional Planners (IAP) hosted the first training programme organised by the ISOCARP Institute Academy. The two-day programme tackled the topic of Global Professional Planning focusing on issues such as urban growth, management of the metropolis, the contested role of human dimension in urban development, and local responses to global challenges. The workshop provided knowledge, instruments and tools and resources to address the mentioned global urban problems. The training sessions were interactive and the response from local professionals was more than encouraging.

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CRIC Training

Capacity-building programme

Online training on Sustainable Urban Planning & Development for nearly 200 participants from South and Southeast Asia. The initiative is part of the EU co-funded Climate Resilient and Inclusive Cities (CRIC) project, which works towards sustainable cooperation between Europe and Indonesia, as well as other South East Asian countries. Organised in 6 session, the training covers topics such as SDGs, NUA, Economic Prosperity, Environmental Sustainability, Social Inclusiveness, and Good Governance

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YPP Ningbo "Child-responsive planning"

YPPs Workshop

The first ISOCARP Young Planning Professional workshop conducted with children took place in Ningbo, China, between 26 and 30 August 2019. The workshop was organised in collaboration with the United National International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), the China Urban Planning Society (UPSC), and undertaken by Ningbo Bureau of Nature Resources and Planning (NBNRP) and the Ningbo Urban Planning & Design Institute (NBPI).  Four working groups of international and local young planners worked on designing child-responsive solutions for Mindong Community in Ningbo. The workshop included moments of participation and co-creation with the children of the community

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Our Capabilities

The Institute’s prime strengths include supporting cross-border collaboration globally; upholding professional excellence in planning; offering trainings advancing sustainable planning; increasing awareness of major development trends and promoting best practices; all while serving as a “Urban Think Tank” facilitating the generation and dissemination of knowledge for better cities.

We contribute actively to the urban research community through our work on EU Research Projects, publications, academic exchange, and strong network of academic professionals. More

We support public and private institutions through a variety of programmes, including the Urban Planning Advisory Teams (UPATs), technical assistance and review, building upon over 55 years of knowledge generation. More

Through our new branch – the ISOCARP Institute Academy – we facilitate our vast network and train young professionals and public representatives through our Young Planning Professionals Programme, seminars, and online education. More