ISOCARP Institute’s Special Session on Innovative Solutions for Climate Resilient Cities and Communities at 57th ISOCARP World Planning Congress

November 10th, 2021


On Wednesday, November 10th , ISOCARP Institute organized a special session about innovative solutions for climate-resilient cities and communities in connection with the 57th ISOCARP World Planning Congress. The Congress took place in Doha, Qatar, and brought together professional planners, architects, researchers, and policy-makers from around the world.  

Particularly, this session integrated into “Track 4: Resilience and Adaptability” of the Congress and discusses key elements regarding the shaping of strategies to enhance climate resilience in cities. Insights will be drawn from the ongoing Horizon 2020 EU projects in which the Institute is involved: +CityxChange, VARCITIES, and JUSTNature. 

The session targeted the general audience of the Congress and welcomed professional planners, practitioners, researchers, Young Professional Planners (YPPs) and government officials. 

The format of the session combined a panel discussion with an interactive exercise: a World Café. This promoted cross-learning and knowledge transfer between participants and speakers. 

The speakers discussed innovative solutions for climate resilience and provided insights from relevant EU projects. Participants were encouraged to reflect on opportunities and challenges faced by these projects and collaboratively apply a problem-solving approach.  

The session focused on the advancements driving forward the transition to low-carbon and resilient cities and communities. It considered innovations such as positive energy blocks and nature-based solutions, but also important elements to achieve successful long-term implementation, such as public engagement, political acceptance, and social justice. 


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