New project announcement: SPADES

(Spatial Planning And DEsign with Soil)

We are proud to announce our participation in SPADES (Spatial Planning And DEsign with Soil), a new research project funded by the EU research and innovation framework programme for 21-27, Horizon Europe. A key project under the EU Mission A Soil Deal for Europe, SPADES will strive to integrate soil considerations into the planning practice across Europe. As one of the core partners of the project, our role will be to lead research activities to evaluate the potential of soil in spatial strategies, compiling inventories of practices for soil assessment and soil integration. We will also contribute to the uptake of best practices by the planning and design sector.

SPADES will enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of planning practices, directly echoing our mission of upholding professional excellence in planning and advancing sustainable planning practices.

We, the ISOCARP Institute, will strive to increase awareness at the global stage of the importance of soil in spatial planning. We are convinced that the new knowledge and tools developed by SPADES will benefit planners worldwide.

Stay tuned for more information as the project kicks off in the last quarter of 2024!