External web designing services

External web designing services


For a new project starting early 2023, the Institute is looking for external web designing services. This would include setting up a project website and designing “story-telling modules”.

The Institute and other partners are contracted as a consortium by the European Commission to deliver a research and innovation project called DUST (Democratising jUst Sutainability Transitions) focusing on democratic participation in regions dependent in energy-intensive industries.

As part of the project we need to set-up a project website by mid-March 2023 with specific modules, that will be updated by the project team until the project end (January 2026), and stay online until January 2031 with no updates or maintenance. It will require maintenance and back-end updates until the project end, with a larger website updates a year or so into the project.

Interested? Reach out to info@isocarp-institute.org and send your proposal by 15.01.2023

The terms of reference are available here: Procurement of services for web design – DUST.