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Urban Design Charrette Weifang China

Urban Design Charrette in Weifang (China) 

August 3, 2021

Urban Design Charrette in Weifang China

The Design Planning Workshop occurred from 4th to 10th July 2021. ISOCARP Institute selected a team of 5 (five) international member-experts to visit Weifang and work together with SEU team of planners, designers and students, and to achieve high-level results aimed to be published in China and abroad in 2021.  

SEU invited ISOCARP Institute to select a team of experts that assisted the team from SEU in the organization of the design, contributed to knowledge on urban design of the International City of Peace of Weifang through an urban design workshop. 

While the organization team and technical experts of SEU coordinated the workshop organization in Weifang with the international experts, including the Chinese technical experts, the involvement of the Chinese students of the SEU, the accommodation, and on-site activities, the ISOCARP expert team attended and visited the site with the local experts, worked and created urban design solutions for the City of Weifang, delivering innovative urban solutions and urban visions for the Weifang international centre of Peace.  

Together with the SEU team, the ISOCARP international experts developed design goals for the Ledaoyuan historical and cultural area, such as building the Ledaoyuan historical and cultural area into an Asian pivot for international humanitarianism and improve the international humanitarian network, reshaping the historical features of Ledaoyuan, promoting the overall coordination of the Ledaoyuan historical and cultural area and its surrounding area, and realizing the harmonious coexistence of history and existing. 

The international team successfully developed a renewal design and implementation path for the Ledaoyuan historical and cultural area that can be implemented. The findings were presented to the City of Weifang on the last day of the workshop, together with urban design solutions and recommendations.  

We thank the ISOCARP team members Björn von RandowAlex CamprubiChristian NolfThomas Fritzsche and Christian Hartmann for their attendance, contributions and highly appreciated ideas.  

Click here to download and read the final report of the workshop.