ISOCARP Institute Seminar at 55th ISOCARP Congress

ISOCARP Institute Seminar | 55th World Planning Congress

ISOCARP Institute Seminar “Solutions towards better Cities” 

11 September 2019 – 11.30 – 13.00

Cities are the place of economic production, knowledge and innovation – together with connectivity, creativity and services. As cities are dense, they also offer high potentials for energy savings and low carbon economies.
However, cities are also today confronted with several challenges: unemployment, segregation, climate change issues. Our ISOCARP Institute Seminar will focus on the implementation of good practices, by listening from leading companies from the private sector, and solutions developed by leading international organisations, partners or members of the ISOCARP Institute.
The Institute Seminar will present several initiatives and urban solutions from partners and members of the ISOCARP Institute: it will focus on training and capacity building and the initiative of ISOCARP Institute together with UN-Habitat; further, it will develop the topic of Smart Cities at the European level and demonstrate the results of European projects. Furthermore, our partners from ENGIE Tractebel will explain their best experiences in achieving urban solutions, and finally, our partners from STRELKA KB will present their achievements in Russia and abroad on urban guidelines and urban competitions.
The Institute Seminar will cover the topics of capacity building, research and practice, which correspond to the three pillars of activities of the ISOCARP Institute: Academy, Research and Practice.
The ISOCARP Seminar, a complete session towards integrated sustainable urban development.


11:30      Welcome
Didier Vancutsem, Moderator, Director ISOCARP Institute

11:35      Better cities and better training: UN-Habitat Strategic Plan and the Global Training initiative
Shipra Narang Suri, Director Urban Planning and Design Branch UN-Habitat, Nairobi

11:50      Evolution to Smart Cities – Key findings for European Cities 
Daniele Vettorato, EU Project Manager, EURAC Trento

12:05      The EU Research Project on Smart Cities – Positive CityxChange
Tjark Gall, Project Manager, +CxC Project, ISOCARP Institute, The Hague

12:20      Towards solutions for better cities: How ENGIE is developing global urban solutions
Etienne Drouet / Charles-Marie Delpierre, Senior Urban Specialists, ENGIE Paris         

12:35      Urban Guidelines and Urban Competitions – How cities can become better – the experience from Russia
Alexei Muratov, Partner Head of Strategies for territorial development / Ekaterina Maleeva, Project Leader STRELKA KB, Moscow

12:50      Podium Discussion + Attendance interaction
Speakers + Moderator ISOCARP

13:00      Closing + continuing discussion during lunch break


YPP Workshop in Ningbo, China

YPP Workshop in Ningbo, China

ISOCARP is proud to announce a Young Planning Professionals’ workshop (YPP) in Ningbo, China, between 26 and 30 August 2019. The YPP Program is a crucial component of ISOCARP’s dedication to promote and enhance the planning profession and commitment to facilitate knowledge for better cities with the young generations. The programme has been leading for over two decades to provide young planning professionals an opportunity to work in a multi-cultural setting, share their experiences on real-life planning problems, and exchange ideas and learn from each other as well as from senior colleagues. The Ningbo YPP workshop will be organised in collaboration with the United National International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), the China Urban Planning Society (UPSC), and undertaken by Ningbo Bureau of Nature Resources and Planning (NBNRP), the Ningbo Urban Planning & Design Institute (NBPI) and the ISOCARP Institute, Centre for Urban Excellence.

Theme of the Workshop

The theme of the Ningbo YPP workshop is ‘Child-responsive Urban Planning’. Since 2018, ISOCARP has cooperated with United National International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) to promote the process of child-friendly urbanization, aiming at drawing attention to the needs of children in urban planning and enabling children worldwide to have a healthy, safe, inclusive and green life in vibrant, fair and friendly cities. These efforts also help to complete the agenda proposed by the United Nations Development Programme: ‘Transforming our world: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’. As starting point and planning reference, the workshop will consider UNICEF’s publication ‘Shaping urbanization for Children, a handbook on child-responsive urban planning’.